Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tonight at 6:30 in NYC

3/12: Ed reads from PD at the Gallatin Teacher's Reading with Sharon Friedman and Ritty Lukose.

It's at the Bronfman Center on 7 E. 10th St.

* * *

Last night he dreamt he had to buy a manga called Aztec Camera.

* * *

The Hartford Advocate on Personal Days and other layoff lit:
Park's novel is both comforting and terrifying in its dead-on-ness. It perfectly captures the gritty angst of the workplace: the sort-of-weird quasi-friendships that form over drinks and talk of work and other coworkers; the awkwardness that squeamishly comes with the laying off of a colleague; the dull, maddening meaninglessness of business-speak. Park illustrates the office so well you could literally cry. That's dramatic, perhaps, but so is the unbearable tension of waiting for an unspecified number of your colleagues to get "the tap" from a shifty-looking HR dude (or dudette).

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